A simple map showing rivers as roads and vice versa in Agusan del Sur, Philippines

I recreated one of my most listened albums in QGIS and it’s close?

Let’s see how far some places are to hospitals, Jollibees, and major roads

If you have a map of your hometown, focus on your city/town’s poblacion. The areas near it have a lighter color on the map and goes darker as the distance increases (or the opposite).

Proximity maps are helpful in showing a quick view of how far are some areas to a target location such as a hospital, ATM machine, or food market. I think this can be a cause or effect to other factors too such as poverty, mortality rate in ambulance transport, or prevalence of “quack…

I made this map in April 2020 but as another GIS expert said, “put your stuff out there!”

This guide will only cover Northern Sierra Madre. Apply the steps to the other mountain ranges (even outside Luzon) and it should work. There are a lot of nuances that I encountered when making this map and I won’t include everything.

  1. Get Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from EarthExplorer

a. Go to EarthExplorer and create your account
b. Under the Search Criteria tab > Polygon > Use Map > set the extent of NSM which is something like this

Miguel Imperial

I’m new to the Geo and GIS community. Taught myself QGIS back in June 2019 and just enjoying the journey to wherever I land.

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